The Cenacle Sisters of England and Ireland

Young Adults

The Cenacle Sisters are committed to working with young adults in spiritual direction, weeks of guided prayer, vocational guidance and discernment groups such as Samuel
We look for new ways to support and encourage young people in their life of faith and to find their place in church and society. We try to offer opportunities for young adults living in different countries to meet each other and to discover what it means to be people of faith within our societies.
Sisters from the province attend World Youth Day
and are involved particularly in Magis, the meeting of young people (18-30) from all over the world who are interested in Ignatian spirituality

For the last four years I have been asked to give spiritual direction to some young adults participating in the Samuel Programme.  I accompany them as they explore and discern where their journey in life is leading them. During the year they grow in themselves and in their relationship with God. From time to time I offer support to discernment groups. These are made up of young people wanting to grow in their faith and to look more closely at making choices in life. They often look for help with tools for Christian decision making. They always appreciate being given time to share together about their life of faith and to experience guided prayer such as Ignatian Contemplation.  (Mary Toner)

When I accompany young adults in spiritual direction I try to be a support for their relationship with God. I listen to them as they explore what gives meaning to their life and look with them at what it means to be a Christian in the world of today. I find that they ask very important questions about their place in society, at work, in their families and church communities. They look for ways to integrate what they believe with their commitments and to find friends in faith. They are aware of their need for formation in their spiritual life and are very enthusiastic about discovering more about the spiritual traditions of the Church. I love helping them to learn about Ignatian spiritual discernment and different forms of prayer within our Christian heritage. (Kate Stogdon)

Testimony of intercultural adventure in Togo - In 2014 a temporary professed sister organized with the community of Vo-Pedakondji an intercultural experience for young women from Europe to meet with young people in Togo and to discover life in this part of Africa. 

Every day, we went out to discover the Togolese culture. Sometimes it was wonderful, sometimes disturbing... ... at home, on the roads, in towns and villages, at the market, in family houses and places of work, in churches... in Pedakondji, Vogan, Lomé, Dzogbegan, Aneho...
Every day brought us lots of meetings: with children, young people, adults, sisters, monks, married people.  Some of them gave us the gift of opening the doors of their houses, or sharing part of their life or commitments...
On several occasions, the young women from Europe were able to live days of immersion, where each of them visited either a family or a place of work, to share in everyday life activities. They met a dressmaker, a hen breeder, a
midwife who works in a health centre and also makes rounds in the villages, a member of a local NGO. They experienced families cooking, cleaning, playing with children, working in the fields. This touched them deeply as they lived several hours at the same pace as Togolese people.
The relation to time is really not the same in Togo! I tried to learn how to live “bleou, bleou” (slowly, slowly... for this is how a bunch of bananas grows, according to a Togolese proverb which soon became a motto for all of us!). It means one day after the other without worrying about the next before it comes … and welcoming peacefully whatever comes, however unexpected. (Anne Catherine)

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