The Cenacle Sisters of England and Ireland

Winnie Morley

I am Winifred Morley. I met the Cenacle in Liverpool when I was a small child and as a teenager joined the Youth Club which was great. I have lived in most of our Communities during my 50+ years in the Cenacle. My ministry has been in retreat work and spiritual direction, and working on various courses, training spiritual directors. To save me becoming too heavenly minded I am the treasurer, which keeps me firmly rooted in the reality of life 

Q. When did you first become aware that you might have a call to religious life?

A   When I was about 14 I had an idea but did not respond until later

Q. Why did you choose the Cenacle Sisters?

A  While at school with Religious I did not want to teach or nurse and also knew the Cenacle well and was attracted by their life of prayer and daily exposition

Q What is the best thing about Religious Life?

A  Living in a supportive and challenging group

Q. What have you found most difficult?

A   Trying to balance my time between work and prayer

Q What is most rewarding about your current ministry?

A  Working with people who desire to deepen their relationship with God

Q. What is the most challenging?

A   Working with these people

Q. What supports you in your ministry?

A   The awareness of God’s loving and supportive presence

Q. Any tips on how to pray?

A   To be yourself not trying to be what you are not

Q. Giving advice is always a bit risky, however what is the best bit you have been given?

A    Take time every day to laugh either alone but preferably with others

Q. Name three people, alive or from history, you would invite for a meal?

A  St Therese, our Foundress; My Mother; St Ignatius of Loyola

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