The Cenacle Sisters of England and Ireland

University Chaplaincy

“There are many who seek knowledge for the sake of knowledge that is curiosity. There are others who desire to know in order that they may themselves be known that is vanity. Others seek knowledge in order to sell it that is dishonourable. But there are some who seek knowledge in order to edify others that is love.”
St. Bernard

I am sure St. Bernard would find Universities a very different place today than in his time. However they are still made up young women and men seeking knowledge and learning in order to further their way of life. They come to University for various reasons and as a member of a multi-faith chaplaincy there are plenty of opportunities for discussion and a deeper search for meaning, to explore and deepen their faith.

University Chaplains have a very wide brief these days especially in the “newer universities” that do not have a church background or history, where the emphasis is on the secular. This however provides us with a challenge to find and deepen and support that sense of Spirituality in both students and staff alike. Sometimes Chaplaincy is described “as loitering without intent” or we can be found at the various coffee outlets on campus, but wherever you find us we are always willing to stop whatever we are doing and have time for a chat about whatever is on your mind. So this ministry fits well with our mission statement of “awakening and deepening faith” wherever we find ourselves. (Marion Gormley)

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