The Cenacle Sisters of England and Ireland


As Cenacle Sisters we have responded to these questions by answering the call to surrender our whole lives to God “in a special way for the service of the Church in the Congregation of Our Lady of the Retreat in the Cenacle”, through our three fold mission: prayer, community and ministry. 

A time of Formation is required in order to become an Apostolic Religious Sister. “The Congregation takes its share of responsibility by providing the means of formation.  Each sister must assume her responsibility.  Taking an active part in her own formation, she applies herself wholeheartedly to receiving it and cooperating with it.” (Constitutions 79)

  • The Pre-Novitiate (usually one year) allows a gradual transition from the present form of life to life in the novitiate.  It is a time which enables the candidate and the Congregation to come to a deeper knowledge of one another and a time to continue the candidate’s discernment in the country of origin..
  • The Novitiate (two years) is an indispensable preparation to follow Christ chaste, poor and obedient according to the spirit and Constitutions of the Congregation.  The formation is based on the principles of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola and includes a 30 day retreat. Read More about the European Novitiate
  • First Commitment (six years) is directed towards the lived experience of the vows in an apostolic community.  During this time the sisters are encouraged to use their creative gifts in the service of the kingdom.  It is a time of on-going study in theology, scripture, knowledge of the Spiritual Exercises, and the Charism and history of the Congregation; at the end of this time the sisters may apply to make perpetual vows in the congregation.

Email us about vocations:
For the sisters in England please email Vocations England
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