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A retreat is a time set apart in order to pray and reflect on life and to be with God who made us and loves us.

Retreats can be of any length between 2 – 30 days and can be made in various ways.  An enclosed retreat is usually in silence except for a daily meeting with and experienced retreat director.

Two or three days of retreat can be relaxing and helpful in facing the daily concerns of life.

Eight days of retreat allows time to unwind and to grow in self-knowledge and in discernment of God’s will for us.

Thirty days of retreat are required to make the full Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius.  These are designed to bring the retreatant to inner freedom in order to discern God’s desires in all aspects of life.

It is also possible to make a retreat in the midst of daily life eg. Open Door Retreat, 19th Annotation, Weeks of Guided Prayer.

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