The Cenacle Sisters of England and Ireland

Province of Europe-Togo

On the 26th September 2011, the 5 countries of England, Ireland, France, Togo and Italy became one Province, the province of Europe-Togo. This was a momentous step for us as we looked to the future of our Congregation. We gathered in our house in Rome to mark the occasion through sharing, prayer and celebration. In preparation for the Unification of the three former provinces, we joined in prayer across the 5 countries with following prayer.

Father, you so loved the world that you gave your only Son to give us a share in the fullness of Your LIFE
   Lord Jesus Christ, you became one of us, you came to dwell amongst us and you offer us unceasingly your Holy Spirit. You have called each one of us to follow you in the Congregation of Our Lady of the Cenacle.
Today, once again send us your Spirit Lord, so that surrendered without reserve to your guidance, captured by the movement of Pentecost, we, Sisters of the Cenacle of the provinces of England/Ireland, France-Togo and Italy may be so  united in heart and soul we will  form one body in the new European-Togo Province.
Thus finding all in Jesus Christ, and longing always to serve Him we will work for the salvation of the world and the glory of the Father. Amen 

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