The Cenacle Sisters of England and Ireland

Noviciate news for academic year 2011 – 2012

At the beginning of October Mautizia began her second year and we with sisters from Italy, France and England we welcomed Sophie and Anne-Catherine who entered the noviciate. After the celebrations they settled down to discover what religious life was about. The joined the Ignatian internoviciate in Paris and met others who were making the same journey.

Mautizia went to Italy for one stage of her apostolic experience working with the tiny community of Aversa for 6 weeks, returning to Versailles for Christmas. The first years Sophie and Anne-Catherine were away the whole of January making their 30 day retreat at Penboc’h. There they joined the others from the Ignatian internoviciate course Xavarians, Sisters of Christ, Sisters of the Sacred Heart and Sisters of the Holy Souls plus 4 Jesuit novices coming from Columbria, Belgium, Slovakia and France.

In February Maurizia enjoyed an apostolic meeting in Versailles with sisters from France, Italy and England when we shared our apostolic journey in the three countries. A truly amazing experience as we learnt more about Cenacle apostolate lived by various sisters. Maurizia had just returned from a second apostolic experience, this time in France as she went to Raismes and experienced being more linked to the Church in the diocesan house.

Sophie and Ann-Catherine were then away on their formative experience flowing from their 30 day retreat as they experienced poverty in different situations.

In May Sophie and Anne-Catherine will visit Netley to have a session on Poverty given by Kate Stogdon and shared with sisters from the three countries as last year we had the session for Mauritzia.

During this year three postulants have entered one in Italy and two in France, one of who will come to England to visit the London and Netley houses. They will later join the three novices at La Mas for a chance for all to get to know one another and especially for the postulants to get to know the novice mistress Jacqueline. This time is part relaxing, part holiday and part getting a better sense of our founders at this house where Mother Therese was born.

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