The Cenacle Sisters of England and Ireland

Marion Gormley

I am Marion Gormley; I grew up in Ireland and met the Cenacle in my early 20’s, when I went on retreat with the Legion of Mary. I worked for the Civil Service for a number of years. Before entering the Cenacle I spent a year in South Africa as a lay missionary. I have been involved in the ministry of retreats and spiritual direction. For a number of years I worked as a Pastoral Assistant in a busy parish in Poole and as the Catholic Chaplain to Bournemouth University. I now live in our community in Brixton, London.

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Q. When did you first become aware that you might have a call to religious life?

Initially I felt my call was to a missionary congregation, having tried that life for a short while I realised it was not for me, so I turned my attention to the Cenacle Sisters and I have been with them for 33 years.

Q. Why did you choose the Cenacle Sisters?

Getting to know them over a number of years as a volunteer at the Dublin Cenacle, it was just a natural progression. I was also impressed by their hospitality and availability.

Q What is the best thing about Religious Life?

The possibility/opportunity to share my faith and ministry with likeminded women that is not to say we always agree about everything!

Q. What have you found most difficult?

From time to time it is necessary to move on and take up new ministries, leaving friends behind!

Q What is most rewarding about your current ministry?

Being part of people's lives as they deepen their faith and take their rightful place in the church and society.

Q. What is the most challenging?

It’s having to let go and move on…

Q. What supports you in your ministry?

My community and the people I work with in the parish and the university at the moment.

Q. Any tips on how to pray?

Pray as you are, not as you think you ought to.

Q. Giving advice is always a bit risky, however what is the best bit you have been given?

Listen to your own inner promptings; we usually know the right course of action for ourselves!

Q. Name three people, alive or from history, you would invite for a meal?

Georgia O’Keefe (artist), Nelson Mandela & Gustavo Gutierrez 

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