The Cenacle Sisters of England and Ireland

Julia Forde

I am Julia Forde from Ireland, I began work at the age of 17, I have been in the Cenacle for 60 years. I have been involved in the retreat ministry in the Cenacle during these years as well as catechesis. 

Q. When did you first become aware that you might have a call to religious life?

A.   Because it was available and it suited me.

Q. Any tips on how to pray?

A  Pray as you can and not as you ought! 

Q. Giving advice is always a bit risky, however what is the best bit you have been given?

A. The best bit of advice was to stick to it – God loves you!

Q. Name three people, alive or from history, you would invite for a meal?

A  Larry Scanlon, storyteller; Larry Hogan, Gospel Singer

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