The Cenacle Sisters of England and Ireland

Hospital Chaplaincy

Involved in this is:

  • Pastoral care of residents/patients plus Day Centre clients of a HSE hospital for elderly men and women
  • Complementing the work of the staff who attends to their physical needs, by helping to meet their spiritual needs. This is done through dialoguing with them, listening; by helping them to adjust to their new situation in life; by being with them when they are dying and helping them to prepare for their death.  Helping the families at the time of death
  • Working with the other chaplains to offer liturgies and other prayer services when occasion calls for them.
  • Accompanying residents when they go out for a break or entertainment.  Joining with them in their times of fun.
  • Offering support to families and friends who are often very distressed when their loved ones have to go into long term care.
  • We also provide pastoral care and support for other staff members.
  • We liaise with other departments in trying to provide best care for the residents/patients.
  • The requests for prayer is unending and in this we get the residents involved as being part of a praying team. (Annette Byrne)
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