The Cenacle Sisters of England and Ireland

Celtic Spirituality

Celtic Spirituality is early Christianity as it developed among the Celtic speaking people, taking on the unique flavour of their identity and culture.

Celtic Spirituality is popular to-day because it holds many values that speak to people of the 21st century and if applied to the present can help us live a more united and inclusive Christianity.

An at-homeness with God as Trinity.  They did not have definitions or dogmas but an intuitive, prayerful sense of this central mystery of Christianity. This immanence of God is expressed in an ancient prayer:

Three fold in the cloth yet one napkin is there
Three joints in the finger yet one finger fair
Three leaves in the shamrock yet one shamrock to wear
Frost, snowflakes and ice all in water their origin share
Three persons in God, to God alone we make prayer.  (Author unknown)


Loving Sister Earth

We believe that life is all about love.  We live in a turbulent world where there is abuse of natural resources and disharmony caused by the inequality of gender, race and wealth.  Pope Francis is calling for all people to take responsibility for our world.  Our aim is to hold a prayerful space in which God’s Spirit can bring about a transformation.  Our prayer will be for the care of the earth and the healing of humanity.

EVENT   Date: 15th/16th October 2016
Loving Sister Earth
The daytime programme for this event is Loving Sister Earth (LSE) which will have creative prayer rituals on many of our ancient monastic sites, holy wells and other places of pilgrimage.  The focus of each prayer ritual will be for the care of the earth and the healing of humanity.  Some of the rituals on the major sites will be live streamed.  This will open the way for a global participation.
The Story of Love
The evening programme for the event is a sacred concert called The Story of Love (SOL) which will be staged in Knock Basilica.  It is a music show about the story of love which reflects on the interconnectedness and the interdependence of humanity, planet earth and the Divine.  There will be choirs from around the world participating through live streaming and the concert will be available to a worldwide audience.  The final piece is a choral anthem in which all are invited to join singing “We Believe It’s All About Love”.

We are inviting you to support this endeavour as we try to respond to the urgent call of Pope Francis for care of our Common Home.  You can do this by attending one of the organised rituals, by supporting the concert and by holding this intention in your prayers.  It would be wonderful if you could organise a ritual at your own local holy place and thus help to broaden this network of prayer. 


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